Have you watched the Vodafone Warriors lately?

As the wife of an avid, till the death, Vodafone Warriors supporter, I have heard for as long as I have known my husband, that phrase “this year will be their year.” As he sits beside me with 22 minutes left of game five, on the edge of his seat, holding out for the elusive, never seen before, ever, five wins from five. I asked him – What are they doing differently this year? His reply, “they’ve just got it together……..finally!” oh and “you know this year, is gonna be their year.”

I asked him about the huddle, and what that meant for them. Mindfulness, those are the words he was looking for, but he didn’t know it. Take a look next time, they huddle, they stop and they breathe. They’re grounding themselves, remembering why they’re there, and what they’re tasked to do. Instead of getting lost in the glory of the try, the celebration with the boys, losing focus of the task that is still in front of them.

John Quinn spoke at #PENZ18 about ‘being mindful in the storm.’ Striving in the storm when things get rough, and coming out the other side in tact.


He asked us to think about our classrooms, children turn up and we ask them to focus, John asked us to be mindful for one minute, to close our eyes, and to notice our breath. It was hard, and yet we expected that focus from our students every day. “You love your subject, it doesn’t mean they love it as much, think about that for a minute” as John brings us back to the room. I’m sure everyone in that auditorium thought of those students that you just can’t engage, they don’t buy into what you’re putting down. Because they don’t see themselves in it. I get pumped about Design and 3D printing, it doesn’t mean everyone else does too. What if it’s because 3D concepts are a struggle for them? What if they see no worth in that learning for their own lives? What if there is too much ‘noise’ already going on in their head when I’m trying to talk about CAD and all it’s intricacies?

Mindfullness – The basic human ability to be fully present in any moment. What does that mean for our classrooms, or our staff rooms for that matter? What’s on top for my students today, this week or this year in life outside the classroom and how can I help them navigate the storm?

Lots to ponder and a few places to start. Mindfulness helps us view the world through a different perspective and empowers us with freedom of choice. As Victor Frankl said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Oh and by the way, “you little beauty, 10 point win!” Who would have thought?

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