#energiseNZ2018 Day One – A revelation.

I’ve written this blog post at least four times now. And each time I couldn’t quite get it sorted. I needed to solidify my ideas a little. But after spending time with Sylvia Duckworth at #energiseNZ2018 I have found a way that works for me! Where was this lady and her sketch noting when I was struggling through Art History classes at Uni? I’m adamant it would have made my life much easier, and probably my grades substantially better too. As Graham Shaw states in his TEDxHull presentation “drawing helps you commit information to memory, make moments memorable or to create metaphors.” That would have been super helpful during those slide show exams eh. I relished the opportunity to sit with 20 odd other teachers and absorb Sylvias wisdom.

So here it is, Day One of EnergiseNZ2018 in sketch note form.

IMG-2757IMG-2761Working with the Education Changemakers for an entire day is a massive privilege and the only thing I was left wanting was a few of my colleagues to be parked up beside me! I’d heard Louka and Dave’s keynote at EnergiseNZ2017 and as soon I saw their names I was in. It wouldn’t matter what these guys were selling I’d be buying it. 2017’s keynote was amazing, inspiring and one of those moments you cherish as a teacher, as all the grind stuff leaves your mind. The hours, the crap pay, the hard days, all disappear and you’re only left with inspirational warm fuzzies that remind you of why you got into this in the first place. Because it’s your passion, because you want to make a difference. As leaders we have the ability to action change in our schools, action that will benefit our students. During the Leadership Day Educhangemakers weaved us through a journey of Design Thinking to action change in our schools, the sparks were flying. 2017 energise felt like an intellectual sponge, with us soaking as much as we could before departing and having to sort through the files created in our mind, very quickly 2018 took on a feel of being a hands on experience. Real things, things we could take back and use straight away, without too much mental sorting to take place before being able to do so. Neither of those outcomes are better or worse than the last, but I guess as an only delegate from my school, things I could implement straight away are easier to share than things I need to unpack and process a whole lot first. Look out colleagues, I’m about to unleash some Design Thinking on you!

Now to sit down and sketch note Day Two.


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